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CrossFit Trendy?


A quick thought to start the new year: I saw a headline the other day on some site or other: “What will you do for exercise when CrossFit is no longer trendy?”


No matter how you slice it, there is nothing trendy about CrossFit except perhaps for the fact that it, and we, continue to be a trend. Even the scaredy cats in all of the mainstream medical organizations have come around to the realization that in order to reap the benefits from exercise it’s necessary to–you know–exercise. Get out of breath. Sweat. Pick up heavy stuff once in awhile. Even those numbskulls over at ACSNMOUSE, or whatever, are calling for 2015 to be the Year of the Bodyweight Workout.

I dunno about you, but it all sounds suspiciously like CrossFit to me.

Here’s the bottom line, as my Dad (not so surprisingly) likes to say: CrossFit is NOT trendy. CrossFit, the General Physical Preparedness fitness program/prescription is geared toward creating not only fitness but health. Approaching what you find here on CrossFit.com (or in almost every CrossFit Affiliate) with a combination of curiosity and commitment and a dash of humility will provide you with a lifetime’s worth of better everything. That, in my book, is trendsetting.

Wanna label CrossFit trendy? Sure. Why not? Everyone wants to be part of the cool group, me included. I was part of the early adopters, the OG’s. We had that bond that comes from discovering the “next big thing” first, before it became trendy. If I’m trendy now I’m good with that. I did the coolest thing before it was cool!

If trendy means CrossFit is somehow not gonna be cool anymore, I’m OK with that, too. As I see it that means we, CrossFit, have won. No longer trendy would mean that CrossFit is acknowledged as the standard against which all subsequent trendy fitness programs will be measured.

Renegade, paradigm-shifting movements don’t do trendy, they do work.


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