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Sunday musings 10/21/12

Sunday musings…

1) Hurtle. Now THAT’S a word that we should see more of in CrossFit.

2) Dog door. Please, please, PLEASE Santa.

3) Density. In Cleveland we are just now starting to see an increase in the density of Affiliates. Maybe not quite as “congested” as, say, Long Beach (whoa), but still, the second wave of Boxes no longer prompts a conversation of the “watershed zone” of overlapping Affiliate geography. More like “neighbors” now.

How is it working in other cities? What was the process like during the early parts of this phase?

Gonna be interesting.

4) Ask. “Always ask for the job.” While listening to a presentation as part of the launch of a new company (for whom I consult) the director of sales made this statement. Indeed, he spoke of NOT hiring a candidate for a job because he, unlike the other qualified candidate, did not explicitly ask for the job.

It’s seems rather simple and maybe even a little obvious, but how often are we faced with a situation where there is some degree of confusion about what we really want? Anywhere. In a job interview, a sales call, or while training an athlete.

At the end of the interview if you really do want it, always ask for the job.

5) Enough. I’ve been accused of being relentlessly positive. Guilty. Maybe a little Pollyanna-ish. Frankly, I’m gonna defend myself against the Pollyanna thing because my life has been like everyone else’s– sometimes bad stuff happens. Freakish events and one-off lousy stuff for the most part, but like anyone there have been a couple of prolonged episodes of badness that needed to stop.

Times when I had to say: “enough is enough.”

You know, that grinding negative stuff, hurtful stuff that just eats at your soul and colors your outlook on even the most magnificent life events. There are some things over which you have no control, of course (the illness of a family member), when you can’t just say “enough is enough.” That kind of stuff offers little recourse, few alternatives other than soldiering on.

No, the stuff I’m talking about here is stuff that you are allowing in your life. Maybe even enabling. Someone or something that insists on making you unhappy. Makes you feel unworthy or bad. You know the stuff: a bad job, dead marriage, an acquaintance who always points out what they view as your faults. Whether this comes in the cascading rush of a waterfall or the relentless drip of a leaking faucet, this is something that you need not suffer.

I’m not advocating throwing in the towel whenever anything is unpleasant or difficult. Not at all. Heck, we’re CrossFitters. We tough out stuff all the time, and put ourselves in position where we have to do just that all the time. No, what I’m saying is that our enhanced capabilities to endure hardship as an extension of our training to the world outside the Box does not obligate us to suffer unnecessarily at the hands of others.

Everything is NOT equal. Everything is NOT relative. Some things, some actions, some behaviors really ARE bad. At some level we do not need to choose to accept them any longer when we are being. It’s OK for us to say “no, this is hurting me,” and to walk away.

Sometimes we must find the courage and conviction to say: “enough is enough.”

I’ll see you next week…

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