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Sunday musings 10/26/14

Sunday musings…

1) Wind. 16-19MPH outside my window this AM (new anemometer installed). Feels like a hurricane. One really has no idea about how truly and frighteningly powerful a REAL wind can be.

Only 19 MPH and I’m ready to batten down the hatches.

2) Water. If memory serves the actor Matt Damon has taken as his pet issue the challenge of providing potable water to developing countries. Anybody around here who’s been paying attention would know that Mr. Damon is a (most welcome) Johnny-Come-Lately to the issue, as CF HQ, Coach, and a host of Affiliate gyms have been doing this for at least 4 years now.

Denizens of the cyber-gym who are particularly long in the tooth will recall a certain keyboard jockey proposing that we’d do well to spend our Global Climate Change mitigation money on this exact problem first because of the quite certain ROI in lives saved today.

Even after the Ark ran aground, water remains an issue.

3) Rudy. Did you ever want something you didn’t have so, so badly that the line between want and need was invisible? I kept seeing this last night as I watched the movie “Rudy” for the very first time. Yup, that’s right, first time ever. I found myself oscillating between the discomfort of watching Rudy pine for his elusive goals, and the awe and inspiration in watching his commitment to a dream.

“Did I do everything I could? Did I pray enough?”

Ever look ahead and see something you just knew you couldn’t live without? Something, someone, somewhere you would commit your every essence to getting? Not me. Not like Rudy. There are things/people I have now that I would fight so hard to keep it would make Rudy look like a teenage slacker, but beforehand? Nope. At least not knowingly. At least not until I met Mrs. bingo.

So powerful. Very moving. You want something so badly. You need something so much. “Did I do everything I could?”

4) Change. “The times? They are a’changing.” –Bob Dylan

Change is coming. Here, Chez CrossFit. Chez bingo. Chez you. Change is on the way. Might be big, and it might be small, but rest assured change is coming. The only constant in this whole wide world, the only thing you can count on, is change.

Look at our little world here and the changes we’ve seen over the years. The CrossFit world has gotten massively bigger, and yet we have 1/10 the number of people posting here on CrossFit.com. There are now >1,000,000 people who regularly do CrossFit, and yet there may be no more people today who can tell you who founded CrossFit than in 2008 because of the change in how they learn about CF. The CrossFit Games began as a barbecue at the Castro family ranch, sorta serious but certainly second banana to the primary task of creating fitness for the sake of fitness. Now we have a multi-media extravaganza, and Box owners must explain that all CrossFit and all crossfitters are not the CrossFit Games.

Change is neither all good nor all bad, it is simply always coming. You experience change, especially when it seems to be foisted upon you, and you see it as good or bad through the prism of your own universe. “Why’d they have to change that? I liked it that way.” “Man, thank heavens they changed that. That just had to happen.” Sometimes change is good and sometimes it’s bad, and most often it’s both depending on where you happen to be sitting at the time. Very few of us are agents of change; most of us are either victims or beneficiaries. Your life plan is only as good as it accounts for the world as it changes around you.

Perhaps we can borrow from Woody Allen’s plan for an afterlife and apply it to our more earthly existence. I’m not sure when the change is coming or what it will look like, but just in case I’m bringing along a change of underwear.

I’ll see you next week…

Posted by bingo at October 26, 2014 7:02 AM

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