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Sunday Musings 8/21/11 String Theory

Sunday musings…

1) Churchtown. It’s “buggy Sunday” in and around Churchtown, PA this weekend. Clan bingo is visiting the ancestral home of Mrs. bingo. Every other Sunday the Mennonites who adhere to the ‘plain’ life drive their buggies to church, and today is one of those days.

Very calm. Very serene. Very, VERY slow on the roads!

2) Laissez-faire composing. My sister-in-law’s strategy for organic waste in Vermont. Opens up all kinds of fun economics takes on composting. How about “trickle-down composting”, or (I love this one) “supply-side composting”?

The possibilities are endless.

3) Entrepreneur. The American economy persists in its reluctance to create jobs, especially for young college grads and age 50+ who have been “displaced” in this eruption. What a great time, especially if you are young, to start your own business? Own your own job and who knows, you may end up owning more–you might end owning a business.

Marc Andreesen of Netscape fame: “Start your own company. If your startup fails, try another one. If that one fails, get back into a high-growth company to reset your resume and get more skills and experiences. Then start another company. Repeat as necessary until you change the world.”

Kinda fits pretty darned well with this “Change the World” through introducing CrossFit to the world through Crossfit.com or an Affiliate, eh?

4) Digging potatoes. There’s a thread lying there in every family, just waiting to be used to tie that family closer. Really. It’s there. Sometimes the thread is just barely visible, like that incredibly invisible but equally incredibly strong spider thread I twanged through this morning. All you need to is look for the thread, or even just to walk where the thread might be so that you could stumble through it (like me and my spider thread today).

I am back in a car on the very beginning of the 6 hour back end of a car trip Clan bingo took to pick some potatoes. No need to adjust your screen, that is not a typo: 12 hours of car time for a guy who is beside himself after 20 minutes, all to pick a potato. Why? Easy. That little potato patch, harvested in 20:00, is the thread that ties both sides of Mrs. bingo’s family. Each year, pretty much, for decades in some shape or form, Shaeffer’s and Hurst’s dig up a potato or two.

Trivial endeavor for sure, but it’s as simple and elemental as that single strand of webbing, nearly invisible yet always there, always re-strung, tying together the branches a growing family tree. For all but the most troubled families there’s a thread, a string, a connection. A priceless string.

What’s yours?

I’ll see you next week…


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