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Sunday musings 9/30/18

Sunday musings…

1) JFK. So. Big.

2) NYC. So. Big.

3) Fact. Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs. However, everyone is not entitled to their own facts.

4) Homage. There’s a big ol’ plane sitting outside the window waiting to take me to Mexico. Beth, her sisters and their husbands are on the other side of this leg waiting for me. We are all spending a week in the time share that my father-in-law willed to his girls. As a financial move it’s hard to think of an “asset” that comes with more strings attached and is more difficult to enjoy. As a gesture, however, it was made out of the deepest well of love imaginable.

How will we use it? Meh, who knows? The details hardly matter, though. It appears that our girls and their boys will use this weekend to plot and plan how it is that we will use our little oasis as an excuse and an incentive to spend time together as a family. I can think of no better way to honor Bob’s memory.

Hang on Dollie…I’m almost there.

5) Tiny Tim. Beth has a little mutt that Megan named Tiny Tim. You see, Timmy was about 9 months old when he arrived, so emaciated that he looked like a little fluffy Beanie Baby with a bum leg. Hence, you know, Tiny Tim of Dicken’s fame. Part shitzu, poodle, and terrier, I decided we’d call him a “Shitpoo”. Pretty fitting if you know our pooch. Now 17 years old Timmy is half blind, mostly deaf, and dumb as a rock. He is also the happiest, goofiest, lovingest thing imaginable.

And boy, does he love his Mom.

We are coming to the end of his journey. Soon, though we don’t know quite how soon, we will bid him farewell as he precedes us into whatever comes next. There’s no message here. No lesson or teachable moment. No, Tiny Tim has been doing all of the teaching just like so many beloved pets. He has reminded us that love matters more than a carpet stain. That we should all wag our tails more often. There is nothing better than a random late morning nap. Important ¬†stuff like that. He is home bringing smiles to his babysitter and my little granddaughter who has decided that he is hers and she is his.

Do hang on Timmy, just a bit longer so Mom (and Dad) can give you a little more love.

I’ll see you next week…


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