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The Power of Normal

There is a certain power in normal in the face of an upheaval. Seeking normal, finding normal, doing whatever it takes to let normal happen in the face of crisis is sometimes all that it takes to prevent that crisis from snowballing into something much bigger, something like a brushfire that becomes a wildfire for want of just a little greenery.

Some normal is drudgery, even in the best of times. You know about that. There are some parts of your normal that require that you literally drag your carcass to or from something, figuratively haul your mind’s derriere to get in the game. In the face of some crisis, tragedy or hardship, these parts of normal probably are just as obnoxious as they are on the brightest, sunniest of days.

There are some things you do all the time that are so much a part of your life that you don’t even realize how much of an upper they are. How they make your life better. Sunday night phone calls with your folks or your kids. The old farts’ hoops game you never miss on Tuesday. 5:00 with your someone, somewhere on a Friday. These are the normals that have power. The power to persevere when it gets tough. The power to bring you just up enough that you don’t go all the way down. There’s an awful lot of good in your normal. Don’t forget it when it gets kinda dark.

There can be enough power in normal to light the way.

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