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Who’s In Charge?

Home doing admin work and writing. Among my couple of New Year’s resolutions is to figure out who’s in charge, me or FB/Twitter. Me or the Skyvision blog. Me or Random Thoughts.

It all comes down to ROI, return on investment. Look at CrossFit, for example: the hours I have invested there exercising, learning, and writing have returned an incredible “profit” in health, knowledge, and new friendships. ROI? Massively positive. Random Thoughts has allowed me to occasionally empty the internal hard drive of my brain, leaving room for new stuff to get in. ROI? Probably a wash; I get a little frustrated because some of the things I write about are still messed up and my voice is very small…few listen.

FB and Twitter, at least my personal ones are quite simply a blast. Just fun. Brain candy, kinda like a Lee Child novel. I’m a social creature, and they allow me a way to be a bit more social, although they create in me a longing for more face to face time with my friends and acquaintances. ROI? Can’t separate my personal from the professional here, I’m afraid. The social media “requirements” for work still seem nothing short of oppressive. Is the need for a new Skyvision website real? Is it really necessary for cutting edge medical practices and doctors to have a comprehensive SM presence? If so, how comprehensive? Does Skyvision need the same amount of work to lift it’s cyber-profile as, say, the Mayo Clinic or CrossFit? Don’t know. Frankly struggling with exactly that as we cruise into 2012. ROI thus far in terms of new business, increased contact with existing clients, or increased visibility with referral sources is unmeasurable in any meaningful way at present; the emotional “cost” of mandatory posting is high.

Tune in, sports fans…


2 Responses to “Who’s In Charge?”

  1. January 5th, 2012 at 6:14 pm

    Steve Muggridge says:

    Hi there. Found this site through Crossfit main page. I’ve been crossfitting for less than two years and on November 4, 2011, I had an eye exam and the Doc there told me that I now have 20/20 vision without glasses….I’ve been wearing glasses for 22 years!! Pretty good ROI for me!! Rock on and keep up the great writing “bingo”

  2. January 5th, 2012 at 9:29 pm

    darrellwhite says:

    Thanks Steve!

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