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Down To One


At some point it comes down to the number one. A single, solitary soul. In the end there’s only one person who will make the call, and that person is you. Whether everything lines up in your favor, or every single card in the deck is stacked agin ye, there will come a time when you, and only you, will need to step up.

Clan bingo has mentored one of Lil’bingo’s friends for many years. With few in-born or familial advantages he managed to get himself into a position where he had every resource necessary to succeed. All he had to do was step up and do that part of the job that he, and only he, needed to do. In round one he failed miserably, essentially ignoring all of the assistance sitting right there for the asking. Given a second chance with yet more help, he once again failed to answer the call. It’s painful to watch, all the more so because a third chance is not likely on the way.

In every life there is a point where no one can do what needs to be done but you. No amount of help will allow you to stay on the sidelines and be a spectator. It may sneak up on you and spring out like a bad joke, or it may sit there for what seems like a forever, a gnawing ache until it begins to fester. High born or low, the bell will toll, and it will be up to you. You vs. you, you vs. it, or you vs. them, whoever they or it might be, the only number that will count will be “one”.

One you to make it happen.




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  1. January 18th, 2012 at 8:02 am

    Rob says:

    I like this but, alas, I want something new to do with my work life! What to do? Me, one. Thanks -Rob

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