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Pigeon-holed? How Accurate?

Do you get the feeling that there are folks out there who are quite certain that they have you totally figured out simply by observing you? You know, judging the book by the cover and all. People make all kinds of grand statements, extrapolating from ever smaller glimpses of us, ever tinier aliquots of information or observation. Tall or short? Man or woman? Dark or light?

Sometimes it’s a single person looking at you, or looking at the world you occupy, and leaping to some sweeping conclusion based on that brief view. Can you really discern what makes me tick, or how I truly feel about some global issue about which you might care deeply, by how and when I Tweet for example, or what I “Like” on FB? You watch me in the supermarket as I push my basket, or you follow me at B&N and peek at my keepers and my discards, and from this you make a statement about all white males of a certain age?

A lesson lies here for each of us, whether we sit in the seat of the observer or the observed. The shotgun is more likely to hit its mark if the target is closer to the muzzle.

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