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Random Thoughtlet: Seven Pounds

Seven Pounds. Beth and I watched it the other night. Very moving. It hurt, physically hurt, to watch the end, even though I’d guessed at it very early in the film. It got me to thinking about an essential truth in life.

What is that one essential part of your life? That one thing around which everything else revolves? That singular passion. Is there more than one? Really? More than one passion–you couldn’t decide which one to give up? Think again.

I believe that the majority of us has a central relationship that is that “one thing” around which everything else revolves. To be sure there are some among us who have another passion that trumps every human relationship, and losing that would be just as devastating as losing that one person. For the rest of us, though, it’s about another person.

Think about it. What centers your life? If, like me, it’s a singular person or relationship, I think it makes sense to let that other person know that. Tell them…just that. For if they are all of a sudden gone you would probably find a way to go on, unlike in the movie, but I believe the going on would be much harder if the person you lost didn’t know what they meant to you.

Heck, I tell every meaningful person that. But I tell that ONE person every day.


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One Response to “Random Thoughtlet: Seven Pounds”

  1. September 21st, 2011 at 2:11 pm

    Apolloswabbie says:

    Learning and teaching, that is what I require from life.

    But, I am not fully alive without a person, or people, whom I can engage with love. Having that, I have gratitude because it seems an incredible luxury. Love is the only transformation, or the best transformation, I can find in the human condition. I can’t believe I say that. The younger me would scoff at the Leo Buscaglia wanna be.

    I hope that was what your question meant!

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