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Sunday musings 11/11/12

Sunday musings…

1) Obfuscate. To lie, just better dressed.

2) Veteran’s Day. Today we remember all of those who have served our country in the Armed Forces. Or, do we? Think about it…when is the last time you actually thought about what it meant for someone you know or knew to serve in our military? Your Dad, an uncle, your sister, or the couple across the street who are now wearing Dockers instead of Dress Blues. All of the CrossFitters who will retire this year, like Paul, Andy, Tosh.

What sort of recognition do you really have of their service? How exactly will you express that?

3) Childhood. Mrs. bingo and I used to whisper in our children’s ear each night: “you’re having a happy childhood.” They have no memory of these whispered exhortations, but they did have very happy childhoods, indeed.

When does childhood end? It’s certainly not the beginning of school. Judging by my experiences it most certainly isn’t in college, either! Perhaps it’s that first job, or the first time you pay the rent out of your own checkbook, or pull out a couple of bucks to tip whoever. The birth of your first child is certainly a wake-up call; maybe that’s when your own childhood concludes. Mrs. bingo and I always said we’d consider ourselves grown-ups when we owned our own washer and dryer.

Could it be, though, that childhood never ends? I think of friends, a few much older patients, others who have never lost that child-like sense of wonder at the world around them. For sure, some folks are forced to grow up much too quickly and take on the responsibilities we associate with the end of childhood when the calendar says that they are much too young to be considered an adult. But is even their childhood truly over?

All childhood really does end, of course. We do, eventually, all move on to something that looks like all grown up. But our childhood remains there for us, all of the wonder of discovery, all of the memories, all of the people who brought us up. It’s all still there, ready to be called upon when we need a little boost, when we need to remember who and why we are, to feel again what it felt like to have few responsibilities and fewer cares. It gets a little better as we get a little older, too, doesn’t it? Childhood memories seem to be wired that way.

You are never too old to have a happy childhood.

I’ll see you next week…


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