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Sunday Musings 7/31/11 The Crossfit Games

Sunday musings (from the Games)…

1) Priceless. Airfare to LA…$whatever. Hotel in LA…$whatever. Being with one of your sons as he watches his first Crossfit Games?


2) Games roommate. For the last several years Dale and I have been hotel roomies for the Games (our original suite none other than Appolloswabbie). Due to circumstances of a rather pleasant nature that did not occur this year. Dale has continued to be my tour guide, however, so the streak continues. Thanks Brother!

3) Community. I’ve said it so many times before but it bears repeating, there is something truly unique and special about this community of ours. Athletes cheer on the very competitor who is knocking their brains out to beat them. Volunteers travel from hundreds of miles away for 3 squares and a sunburn. People you’ve never met face to face simply beam when they realize that it’s YOU who just called their name.

Although it has grown to an enormous size, simply unrecognizable from the surface from the barbecue at the Ranch, at its core the Crossfit Games is still just a fitness festival among friends. Indeed, it seems that Reebok is at much greater risk of becoming “Crossfitty” than the opposite.

4 Crossfit Teens I. There was a Crossfit Teens exhibition this year with two WOD events pitting 7 teams from around the world against one another in the Masters’ venue. What? You didn’t know that? No matter…surf over to the archived feeds this week and watch. Stunning performances that each of you will recognize as Crossfit, brought to you by the (near) future of fitness.

Who are these kids? Let me tell you a story first (no names…these are still kids). One of the boys on the Steve’s Club team was offered a new position in the neighborhood business, lookout. New job came with a raise and…ahem…some protective equipment. He turned the job down, although the money would have been really helpful at home. Why?

“I’m sorry, I can’t do that. I have Crossfit and I have to be there at the same time you want me.”

How good is THAT?!

Crossfit Teens II. One of the young women who competed was gushing about being at the Games. She was just amazed that all of her Games heroes were right there, including the teen members of the Martin family, among the original Crossfit Kids. She had just slayed the WOD, and someone pointed out her (PU) ripped palms, asked her if it was worth it.

“Oh, yes! There were some little kids watching us. What if one of them might be the next Crossfit Teen in her town? I want to be an inspiration to THEM. I want to be part of something that changes the world.” I kid you not; she really said that.

The future of the future of fitness appears to be in good hands.

I’ll see you next week…


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