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Thankful To Be Standing On Third Base

Somewhere, somehow, someone did something that gave you the opportunity to be a success. Chances are you are aware of both the who and the what. Are you thankful? Have/do you express this?

It starts early. Your folks did something, or didn’t do something, and that laid the foundation. If it was good, did you thank them? If you still have them around it’s not too late; they remember, and they will be blown away if you tell them that you remember, too, and that you are thankful.

Was there a Coach or a teacher who had a particular influence on the younger you? Someone whose voice still shows up every now and again, just when you most need to hear them? They may or may not remember either you or what it was they did, but they might. Either way, if they’re still around, chances are your unexpected thanks will make their day. Maybe their week or month.

How about now, as an adult? I’m betting there was someone who paved the way for a greater kind of success for you. If you are lucky you might even still be on good terms with whoever this might be, but even if you are not, and even if you can’t call them, and even if stuff ended badly, are you still thankful for whatever it was they did once upon a time?

I think about this every time I bump into someone on third base and wonder how they got there. In most cases they made it to third because they hit a bloop single and then moved up when someone else got a hit or bunted them over. Some folks really DID hit a triple, but they are the exception. All of them got there because someone saw something special enough in them to put them on the team in the first place.

Remember, even if you did hit a triple, and even if you manage to steal home, someone somewhere at some time did something that got you in the game. Spend a minute thanking them.

Posted by bingo at October 30, 2011 10:21 AM

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