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Thinking About Single Thoughts

Randy and I had a breakfast conversation once upon a time with a couple of other CrossFitters. We, Randy and I, thought we were having a discussion about nutrition and performance. After a bit it became clear that it was actually a discussion of religion. At least for the other two.

Has this happened to you? You engage someone in a conversation about something or other, something usually peripheral to the core issues of life but not quite so peripheral that it is trivial (being generous here), only to discover that the subject is the ONLY thing the other person thinks about? Worse yet, their thoughts have so ossified that there really isn’t a conversation going on at all, just a presentation accompanied by a vehement offensive against non-orthodoxy.

Logic, rational thought, and informed discourse have no role for these people. It’s not just nutrition, it can be literally anything. It seems to be a real problem in the politishpere–one issue voters or the true-believers on the extreme ends of the political spectrum don’t do breakfast.

There’s a chink in every armor; there’s another side to every argument. What’s good for the goose is not always necessarily what’s good for the gander. What if that gander really DID want to gain weight? Or that goose needed to shed some weight before an epic annual trip south? It’s rare that a single answer exists to some of this stuff, but it seems pretty clear to me that if one DID exist it would stand the test of a breakfast conversation.

Very few Theories actually progress to become Laws. Be more open.


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