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We Have Today

We are not promised tomorrow.

If tomorrow comes we are not promised a “good” tomorrow. If we lead a virtuous life, whatever that may mean for each of us, we hope that our efforts will translate into a “good” or at least “better” tomorrow. Or not. All we have in hand is today. And every today has something, some thing little or big, that makes it a good day. Each of our privations, every challenge can be borne if we realize that there is some one thing, or if we’re lucky some several things, that are good in each day.

We can hope for tomorrow, and that tomorrow might be as good or better than today. But what we HAVE is today. In the end, that’s all we ever get. There was a time when I awoke each day and checked to make sure that I was still the father of a daughter. That’s all I needed. EVERY day was a good day. Like today.

There’s nothing particularly special about this today, about Tuesday December 20, 2016, except that this is the one you got when you woke up. What’s good for you today? Who’s special to you today? Did you tell them? Do they know? You may not have a tomorrow, but if you are reading Random Thoughts you do have a today, right here and right now. There are only two kinds of “todays”, good ones and great ones.

You got one. Don’t waste it on tomorrow.

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