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Funny Crossfit Moment

My Dad sent out an email blast to the whole family. Seems he was cleaning around his part of the kitchen counter (that’s right…there’s a “his side” and a “her side” in my parents’ kitchen) and he found an old wedding band. He knows it’s old because it’s been worn smooth. There’s some disagreement about whether or not you can read the inscription, which is kind of a bummer since that might identify the owner of the wedding ring. Hence the email.

“Anyone lose a wedding band? Any idea whose this might be?” Never mind all of the questions that my siblings and I have, like, “why are you cleaning the counter?” or “who would take their wedding band off and put it on THAT counter?”.

My brother, ever-helpful responded. “Rumor has it that Darrell lost his.” My bride rode to my rescue: “Darrell did NOT lose his wedding band; it’s just too small for him now. I’m wearing it stacked with my wedding ring and my Anniversary ring.”

To which Randall replied: “My bad.. I heard he was getting a new one.. I didn’t realize all the cross fit built up his finger muscles!!”